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Initially, I had hoped this site would provide visitors incontrovertible proof that there existed a designer of supreme intellect; however, through the process of undirected mutation and environmental pressure, it has reached a point of functionless simplicity—a state it shares with much of the Internet.


What exactly does the name mean then? What irony hath Duncan wrought by choosing the name Tsumaranai Networks? For those who wish to know, tsumaranai (つまらない) means insignificant, worthless, trivial, or boring in Japanese. Frequently heard utterances include:

(A) つまらない物ですが…

or "tsumaranai mono desu ga..." which means "This is but a trivial thing..." An aspect of on (恩) and giri (義理) in Japanese culture, this is said when you present a small gift of obligation (often a box of sweets you acquired on your way from the rail station) to your host in return for their warm reception. And,

(B) このサイットは、つらないんだな…

or "kono saitto wa, tsumaranai n da na..." which means "This website is boooring..." (the "na" signifies that you are vocalizing an internal thought).


I continue to support family and friends through email and other web services powered by Google. (I'm actually required to say it that way to comply with Google's Terms of Service.) If you want an email at Tsumaranai Networks that phone representatives will be incapable of spelling and that no one will be able to pronounce, then apply and I'll consider it. I also host private domains if you're interested.

as of: heisei 20.06.02
so says: Duncan

Questions? Problems? Duncan trusts in Gmail's spam filter enough to hear you out. Yv's page is still here for the fans.

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